Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty Supplies For My Makeup Class!!!

Hi guys, normally I post a look or some form of makeup art but for now I just want to share my excitement for my new makeup haul! I signed up for a 3 month long makeup class to be a certified makeup artist at a local school and I'm super excited to start! I went with my mom to a boutique to pick up as much as many items from the list of required products as possible and got about 70% of what I needed! I even got a student discount and saved $80 thanks to the nice man at the cashier!! Most of it is Ben Nye and are very nice quality! As much as I want to play with it all for my own selfishness I also don't want to tamper with it because its just so pretty and new and will never be the same after that! But for now it'll all reside in my awesome new professional makeup bag that's lightweight, sturdy, and clear so I can see everything I need!

I just want to thank everyone in my life, my friends, family, and fellow makeup lovers and anyone else who's seen my blog and have shown me great support, love, constructive criticism, and wisdom for my crazy passion and hobby that I hope to make a great career of! At least now no matter what happens in life I'll do what I love and will never be technically 'unemployed' ;)

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